Frequently Asked Questions

What is a S20 Notice?

If there are any planned works to the property which will cost any individual leaseholder more than £250 we are obliged to carry out a consultation procedure. This can be a lengthy process taking several months to complete.

Firstly a Notice of Intent is served explaining what works are intended and inviting nominations from leaseholders of contractors they would like to carry out the work.

Estimates for the works are then obtained making sure at least one is not connected to the Freeholder. These are circulated to lessees with usually the most competitive chosen.


In the unlikely event, you have cause to complain. In the first instance please write to us and we will reply within 14 days. If you are still not happy you can write to The Property Ombudsman at Milford House, 43-55 Milford Street, Salisbury SP1 2BP.

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